NFL Players Don’t Like Jay Cutler

Every year, ESPN conducts an anonymous player poll to gain insight into what they really think about their teammates. Since the poll is anonymous, there’s no inherent risk to people answering honestly.

Unsurprisingly, Carolina Panthers QB and resident NFL douche Cam Newton received top voting for biggest trash-talker.

Apparently, Jay Cutler rubs people the wrong way, because when asked, “who is one QB you would not want as a teammate?” 42% did not want him on their team. No one else received more than 6% of the votes (Cam Newton received 6%.)

Makes you wonder what Cutler did to former teammates in the past to have that kind of percentage.

You know what they say, haters gonna hate. Keep doing your thing, Cutler!

PS: shoutout to Tom Brady for receiving top scores in the “Which QB will win the most Super Bowls in the next 10 years?” At 40 years old, his opponents still know the GOAT is going strong.


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