No One Thinks Drew Brees Shouldn’t Be The MVP This Season, Right?

Drew Brees has never won an MVP in his career,  but don’t let that crazy fact sway you from the fact that he is undeniably the 2018 MVP barring anything absolutely insane. Sure, Mahomes is putting up wack numbers in his first year as a starter, but QB is about way more than putting up TD numbers.

(before game on NOV 29)

The position is more about game management and ability to read opposition than anything else, being the reason why TB12 is the unrivaled GOAT. This year, Brees has proved to be a premier game manager and ball protector. The man has insane passing numbers while throwing, what, 2 picks as of this week? crazy. The guy keeps his offense on the field and doesn’t make them tackle anyone which is kind of what separates the great from the goods. If you have the game on the line with 2 min left, and the option of putting a guy who has only turned the ball over 2 times all year vs a guy who’s got 10+ of those, i can tell you who you should be putting in.

Im going to pull a quick couple graphics for ya from Sports Betting Dime. Peep these:

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.22.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.14.02 AM.png 

If the pretty obvious text wasn’t enough to convince you, maybe the graphics will. If those don’t, just click the damn link and read more. Though if that doesn’t convince you, you might as well just go bet on someone else being MVP, and do it with @WTP_Sportsbook on twitter. At least you’ll make me something in the process.



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