No Patriots Fans, You Don’t Want Odell Beckham, Jr.

The New England Patriots finally made a big move in their relatively quiet offseason, sending wide receiver Brandin Cooks and a 2018 fourth round draft pick to the Los Angeles Rams (who else) in exchange for a 2018 first round (23rd overall) and sixth round draft pick. This move came as a shock to many Pats fans, who were curious why Bill Belichick would trade away a speedy playmaker in Cooks. It didn’t take long before many of them set their sights on his potential replacement in Odell Beckham, Jr.

Poor New York Giants fans. They just endured their favorite team having a historically bad year, and now they have to deal with the constant speculation of whether or not their star receiver will be taking the field as a member of Big Blue next season. While many of those fans are saying there is zero chance he will be traded, the rumblings just won’t seem to go away. However, if Beckham does end up being traded, I can guarantee that it won’t be to the New England Patriots.

It’s easy to speculate a potential OBJ trade to the Patriots; the Giants reportedly want two first-round picks for the star receiver, which the Patriots conveniently are in possession of now thanks to the Brandin Cooks trade. There’s also the fact that Tom Brady is entering the home stretch of his prestigious NFL career, and the Patriots would love nothing more than to keep winning with him as long as possible. OBJ would give Brady a weapon in that offense that he hasn’t had since Randy Moss.

Despite the speculation and the rational fit, I can’t see a trade happening, and furthermore, Patriots fans shouldn’t want it to happen. This team’s defense just got picked apart by Nick Foles in the Super Bowl and clearly needs help. Luckily, this draft is loaded with defensive talent that could quickly make the Patriots defense formidable again. OBJ would be nice, but the Patriots have bigger needs to fill at the moment.

Also, remember that OBJ reportedly wants to be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL and make $20 million a year. Why would Bill Belichick want to pay him that ridiculous money when he could have easily paid Brandin Cooks instead? Yes, OBJ is much better than Cooks, but Bill Belichick has never been known to hand out max long-term deals, especially to those with behavioral issues.

While I love Odell Beckham Jr. and his passion for the game of football, we can’t ignore all the on-field antics that have led to these trade rumblings in the first place. Bill Belichick can coach anyone, but he doesn’t strike me as someone who will take a gamble on OBJ given his history. This is the same guy who benched Malcolm Butler for the entire Super Bowl while Nick Foles rained fire on his defense. Need I say more?

Having a player of Odell Beckham, Jr.’s caliber on your team would always be a welcomed addition, but there are so many pros and cons to weigh and consider before pulling the trigger on such a franchise-altering trade. Sorry Patriots fans, but this trade won’t happen, and you shouldn’t want it to happen.

Photo: NBC New York


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