No, The Patriots Aren’t Dead

If you consumed any sports media today, you are very aware that the Pittsburgh Steelers FINALLY beat the New England Patriots. You also probably were told that the dynasty is finally over.

ESPN and FOX Sports couldn’t stop from dancing on New England’s grave after *gasps* two regular season loses on the road. Perpetual moron Clay Travis is amongst the legions of media personalities trying to convince you it’s over in New England:

I’m here to tell everyone to calm the fuck down. I hate the Patriots with every fiber of my being, but even I know it is borderline insanity to say they won’t be in the AFC Championship game at least. I honestly wish the dynasty was dead, but it just isn’t. It took an actual miracle in Miami and a good Pittsburgh team not choking for once to even get to this debate. Neither of those things are likely to happen again.

After two straight losses, the Patriots only find themselves in third place in the AFC. That’s pretty much the worst case scenario for them with two games to play. The Patriots close the year against the Bills and the Jets in Foxboro. I’m pretty comfortable saying they will win those games. That means the worst case scenario is the Patriots shit-pump either the Ravens or the Colts (again). The best case scenario is the overrated Texans lose to a revived Eagles team next week. That gives the Patriots a first-round bye before hosting the Texans. Remember what happened last time the Texans came to Foxboro? Can’t imagine it goes better in January.

No way they beat the Chiefs though, right? Oh right.


The Patriots have actual problems: Gronkowski isn’t playing at an All-Pro level, Gostkowski has missed some key kicks, and the defense can’t get to the quarterback. Every team in the league has problems though, that doesn’t mean they aren’t contenders. They are still going to finish 11-5 for god’s sake.

The Patriots still have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, meaning they are still the team to beat in the playoffs. The Chargers and Chiefs may finish with better regular season records, but the Patriots have a stronger postseason record. Hopefully one of them can beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, but I’m still putting my money on New England.

Photo: Jared Wickerham


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