North West STINKS at rapping

Before I start, I know most of you are already saying, ‘She’s a child, let her be.’ You’re right, she is just a kid. She’s Kanye West’s kid. Her childhood is incomprehensibly different than yours and mine. I feel bad for her, honestly. She’s been modeling shoes and hobo outfits since she was 2 years old. That’s a wild way to live when most of us are watching ‘Bob the Builder’. 

But, that doesn’t excuse this piss poor rap debut.

You would think if Kanye West, one of the greatest and most musically gifted artists of the last 20 years, was your dad, some of that ability would rub off. This is legitimately awful.

This is new, look at my shoes, these are cool”

That’s a real lyric that was performed on stage in front of living human beings. While I’ll give North credit for at least rhyming a little bit, her career as a lyrist is off to a rocky start. And then Kanye comes out on stage and smiles as she *SHRIEKS* for 10 straight seconds to end her song.

Am I being hard on her? Maybe. But if the gold standard for rapping 6-year olds is Lil Bow Wow, North West isn’t even in the same stratosphere.

I’m all set with hearing North West tracks until she’s at least able to form a full sentence and coherent thoughts. Anything before that, hard pass.

North West’s debut: 0 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend.

GC Images—2020 Arnold Jerocki


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