Nothing Can Stop Chris Sale…Except for a Belly Button Piercing?

The biggest story for the Red Sox going into the World Series is not if they will play the Dodgers or Brewers. It does not have to do anything with what the game 1 lineup is going to look like. Nope, it is not even about the bullpen. The biggest story surrounding the Boston Red Sox right now is, “Does Chris Sale have a bellybutton ring?”

Here we are just relaxing on a Saturday evening after a very stressful few weeks of playoff baseball. Next thing you know, we get a notification on our phones saying, “Chris Sale hospitalized for stomach pain because of an irritation caused by his bellybutton ring.” A bellybutton ring!!! If you told me that Chris Sale was hurt and you gave me one million guesses as for what caused the injury, a bellybutton ring backfire would have never crossed my mind once.

This can’t be true, right? What grown man (nevermind world class athlete) has a bellybutton ring? Survey says… NOBODY. However, if I was a starting pitcher in the MLB, I would go to the mall right now and get my bellybutton pierced. Chris Sale is arguably the best pitcher on the planet and the only thing different between him and the rest of the pitchers in the league is a bellybutton piercing. Look, I am just connecting the dots, the proof is right in front of you.

Sale also was the one who brought this story up, which makes the story even more intriguing. It is not like this was a rumor that he addressed. Instead, he flat out told everyone that he has a bellybutton piercing. Wild move. How many people know about this?! It seems as if Brock Holt has been in on the gig since the jump as he posted this picture earlier this year.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 4.52.09 PM

A “believe” tattoo and a bellybutton piercing. A duo that is shared by an MLB All-Star and Becky in Kappa Sig. Does Sale also have a tramp stamp we don’t know about? If so, then that is strike three (get it, baseball jokes). Sale knew the dangers of the bellybutton piercing game when he got into it, so you just take the infection and move on. If this is true or not, it at least provided some comic relief before Redsox fans stay up until midnight watching the World Series acting like they don’t have to go to work in the morning.

P.S. Sale should have gone the Batista and Reggie Miller route and just got a belly button tattoo.

Image result for batista belly button

Image result for reggie miller belly button

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Photo: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson




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