On this date 14 years ago, a hero was born. His name was Leroy Jenkins.

Damn. If you’ve been on the internet as long as I have, you’ve seen the Leroy Jenkins clip. In fact, you’ve probably run into a room or two ahead of a group of friends screaming his name from the top of your lungs like a crazed Viking headed to the sacred halls of Valhalla.

Even if you didn’t play World of Warcraft (and I did not), you saw this clip, and you immediately understood the breadth of the situation. We’ve all been in situations playing a video game where we’re stuck at a level or a boss battle or something. I can think of a few for me. The first time you fight the Flood in Halo: Combat Evolved (you cant see anything!) comes to mind. Or literally any time you fire up a Dark Souls game. Point is, when you hear the party leader say that their odds of success with this group of like 20 players is only 32.33% (repeating, of course) and that it’s higher than their usual shot at this, you immediately know the stakes.

They needed a hero. A champion to guide them forward through the perilous valley of death and destruction that they talk about in the Bible. In that moment, we feeL the utter despair of the group.

And then, out of nowhere, with the gusto of a million men, that hero arrives with a “GUNS UP, LET’S DO THIS.” Rest in power, Leroy. You give all of us the strength we need to achieve our dreams. (Not the real guy, though. Pretty sure he’s probably just like, 30 now.)

Also, low key the sneaky funniest part of the video is when they all run in after and you just hear the one kid going, “ah, fuck.” LMFAO. Kills me every time.


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