Take a Step Back and Look at Yourself, Boston

(WCVB) BOSTON —The Boston Red Sox said Wednesday it ejected and banned a fan from Fenway Park that security said used a racial slur. According to Red Sox officials, “The offending individual was promptly ejected from the ballpark and has since been notified they are no longer welcome […]


Is Malcom Butler committed?

Today The New England Patriots corner back attended the offseason workouts which are voluntary. I think this proves to Patriot fans and to The Patriots that he is committed to this 2017 season. I think he is committed for the reason you don’t think though. I do not […]

One arm catcher!?

For anyone that knows baseball, catching can be one of the more taxing positions in the game, with all the equipment, the wear and tear of catching every pitch, the shuffling around and blocking in the dirt.  All of the above make it tough, but how tough is […]

Do the Celtics stand a chance? Not Likely.

The Celtics expanded their lead to 2-0 against John Wall (40 points, 13 assists in Game 2) and the Washington Wizards, while Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 points on 33 field goal attempts.  But when does the run end, or will it end?  At this point in the playoffs […]