NFL Free Agency is Out of Control

Report: Mike Glennon deal pegged in the $14 million-$15 million range — SNF on NBC (@SNFonNBC) March 6, 2017 This is absolutely out of control, a career backup should never get a contract like that I don’t care how good they could be.  If they were […]


Myles Garrett, the Pure Athlete of this Years Draft

Lets put aside his dominance all year at Texas A&M and look at his combine. Myles Garrett at the combine: Taller than JulioHeavier than GronkQuicker than Devonta FreemanFaster than Jarvis Landry (via NFLNetwork) — NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) March 5, 2017 First things first, it is irrelevant to […]

No Surgery for David Price

THANK GOD.  This could have been really bad and it would’ve put a real damper on our quest to get back to the playoffs.  This is the best news I’ve heard all day.  Its great to see David Price break the Dr. James Andrews streak of season ending injuries. This curse applied […]

The Surprising Anachronism of Danny Ainge’s Decision

I figured that I would wait a week or so before writing anything about the NBA trade deadline partly due to exams, and partly due to shear frustration.  After being glued to Twitter for the last 36 hours of the deadline, salivating over the seemingly plausible trade rumors, Danny […]

Danny Paycut

He has been known to step up whenever (Julian) Edelman can’t be on the field he takes that role and plays very well in it.