Mookie Betts Was Intentionally Beaned and No One Can Convince Me Otherwise

In the 6th inning of the game against Baltimore Monday night, we saw what probably most of us expected to see and that was someone getting nailed by a pitcher. However, this time it just so happened to be Mookie Betts who had nothing to do with any […]


RB shuffle

The NFL has experienced quite a RB shake up in the past offseason. The first one that was huge was that AP was leaving the Vikings and joining the Saints. Now AP has spent his whole career in Minnesota and he hasn’t one anything and so it seemed […]


Being arguably the best all-around division in baseball, the AL East is already setting up to be a fun ride throughout the 2017 season, through roughly 24 games. Currently the Baltimore Orioles are peaking early with a 15-8 record, tied with the New York Yankees.  The Boston Red […]

Nothing but The Truth

Thank you, Paul Pierce. For everything. From all of New England, from every casual basketball follower, from every die hard Celtics fan, we thank you. The Los Angeles Clippers fell to the Utah Jazz, 104 -91, with the Jazz winning the series 4-3. And just like that, it’s […]

On To Washington.

Yea MothaF***kasssssssss. That is honestly the first thing I can think to say, and honestly if you don’t like it oh friggin’ well. Because I’m ESTACTIC! And you all won’t ruin this parade at all. This  also wont be an article praising how the Celtics are a strong […]

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