How Much Longer Can Tom Brady Go?

Foxboro - Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will be turning 40 years old next Thursday, August 3rd. Many analysts have already been trying for the past five or so years to put Tom Brady down and say he is no longer a top quarterback. In the past few seasons, he has more than silenced his critics... Continue Reading →


The Injury is Real and a Very Bad Sign

Another 10-day DL stint for David Price.... shocker. It seems like ever since Price signed for big money with the Sox, there has been some sort of problem that has hindered his success with the team. Yet although it may seem like he's taken the bumpy road, he actually hasn't pitched all that bad. Especially... Continue Reading →


Kyrie Irving is demanding a trade out of Cleveland and word is that his beef is with player GM coach owner Lebron James, who tried to have Kyrie traded during the 2017 season. Kyrie says he wants to be the focal point of whatever team he is traded to, which is an insanely arrogant statement,... Continue Reading →

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