Duke Lands Number One Prospect for Third Time Since 2014

In today's "one and done" era of college basketball, it is huge when a team signs the number one prospect. There is no more building players in a program, because they are all there for just a few months before heading to the NBA. Every year, college teams have to go all in on winning... Continue Reading →


The Signing of the Summer: Milos Teodosic

This NBA offseason has been filled with crazy rumors and huge moves. Paul George and Chris Paul were traded. Gordon Hayward left Utah to sign with the Boston Celtics. Even Kyrie Irving is demanding a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. With these big names being thrown around and discussed, it's easy for the smaller signings... Continue Reading →

Is Richard Sherman Still On Top?

"I'M THE BEST CORNER IN THE GAME," said Richard Sherman after he had just made a play in the end zone, to end the NFC Championship vs. the 49ers in 2014. Three years ago, Sherman made that play, and yet to this day, we all remember that postgame interview. Three years ago, and after all... Continue Reading →

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