Dan Quinn is the best thing to happen to Atlanta

On to a new season. On to a new year. It’s time to forget about SBLI and prepare for another fantastic year in year three under Coach Quinn. This is a city that has been laughed at mocked for their poor sports over the years, but Dan Quinn is turning it all around. Ever since […]

Warriors In 6

With all the hype around Lebron James's unbelievable playoff performances, I think we have all forgotten that he will be facing the best roster in NBA history this Thursday. This team of course being the Golden State Warriors. There is literally no team that has the roster to stop the Warriors from getting another ring.... Continue Reading →

Tennessee man faces up to 6 years for throwing a catfish onto the ice Just plain ridiculous, 6 years for something that does not really impact anything other than a few minutes of game stoppage.  Pittsburgh took the whole catfish situation very seriously from the start: I get it as a fan you want to control superstitions and I don't hate the move of blocking the sale... Continue Reading →

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