Red Sox Postgame Notes: July 22

Saturday was an awful night overall for the Red Sox. Who's most responsible for that? A night after a 6-2 drubbing of the Angels and a dominant performance by Chris Sale, more of the same was expected of the second ace David Price. Price is coming into his own with control, command, and velocity, so... Continue Reading →



O.J. Simpson is now in protective custody at Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada having been moved to a separate part of the prison and removed from the general population, according to Nevada Department of Corrections spokesperson Brooke Keast. Keast confirmed to ABC News today that the 70-year-old NFL player has been relocated as a cautionary... Continue Reading →

Hugh Freeze Resigning Because He Called An Escort Service Is The Most Hugh Freeze Thing Ever.

I know what your thinking... Why would Jesus need to call an escort service?? I guess even the Messiah of Ole Miss gets lonely. HOTTY TODDY! Am i right? Overall, not a surprising thing to happen in Ole Miss... just remember, Hugh Freeze also paid a recruit $18,000 to commit to Ole Miss, and... Continue Reading →

The Sacramento Kings Trolling Lakers Fans With Fake Player Names Has The Most Predictable Outcome Ever Hilarious, but predictable. Just remember, this is a fan base that thinks Kobe is better than LeBron, and this is a fan base where 70% of them migrate to the Warriors during the NBA Finals; but don't remember the Monta Ellis Warrior era. The biggest thing about this is the names... Shawn Carter is... Continue Reading →

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