Patrick Mahomes’ Unorthodox Secret

Patrick Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm this year. From his freakish arm talent to his Kermit the Frog-sounding voice, the Chiefs star quarterback is the talk of the league. However, the latest report about the young gunslinger has numerous fans cringing with disgust.

That’s right, Mahomes is a big ketchup guy, and he’s not shy to admit that he loves putting it on foods which many would consider a taboo. While many believe that this will hurt the young sensation’s stock, we have an exclusive report advising the total contrary. To put it in Space Jam terms, ketchup is Mahomes’ “secret stuff.”

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The popular condiment is not Mahomes’ kryptonite, but rather, it’s his main source of energy. It’s what gives him his God-given arm talent and the ability to make any throw possible. It was ketchup that rocketed Mahomes to the front of the MVP race.

Without ketchup, Mahomes would likely become weak, vulnerable, and mediocre, which would be bad news for the Chiefs. In fact, why am I even sharing such a glaring weakness about my favorites team’s quarterback? Thankfully no one will read this, *laughs nervously* right?

NFL teams will now need to enact a city-wide ban on ketchup when the Chiefs come to town. At this point, it’s the only chance they have at stopping Kansas City’s juggernaut offense. Also, they need to beware of Heinz.

If Mahomes is able to secure that lifetime supply of ketchup, the NFL might as well give the Chiefs the Lombardi Trophy every year for the next 15 seasons. NFL defenses have officially been put on notice. Will they succeed in preventing that from happening or will Mahomes’ drive for an unlimited supply of his ultimate power source elevate his game to new heights?

The quest for 57 continues on Monday night when the Chiefs take on the Rams in Los Angeles in what has been dubbed the game of the year. Hide your ketchup, Los Angeles. Patrick Mahomes is coming for you.

Photo: CBS Sports


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