Patriots Could Be Losing Josh McDaniels, But May Replace Him With The Most Handsome Man in Football

As Patriots fans were watching and waiting to know who they were going to be playing in next week’s divisional round, a story broke that most people saw coming.

Just like the last five years, Josh McDaniels reportedly has one foot out the door and is going to be leaving New England for a head coaching gig elsewhere. That’s not the interesting part.

What makes this newsworthy is that the Patriots are reportedly looking to replace McDaniels with former Texas Tech head coach and current USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury.

During his time at Texas Tech, Kingsbury, who was drafted by the Patriots in 2003, was pretty unsuccessful, going 35-40 during his tenure. However, Kingsbury didn’t gain interest for his team coaching ability; he was renowned for how he ran his offense.

During Kingsbury’s stint at Texas Tech, the Red Raiders never averaged less than 30 points per game and, in 2015, had the second highest points per game in the nation, dropping a mind-boggling 45.1 points every game.

The thought of a coach, who’s quarterbacks averaged 352 yards per game last year, being paired up with the greatest quarterback of all-time makes my nipples hard.

Even though Josh McDaniels is dearly loved around New England for his creative play calls and being seen as Tom Brady’s right-hand man, it seems like he’s finally ready to move on. In my professional opinion, there is no one better to run this offense than the most handsome man this side of the Mississippi.

Photo by Kevin Jairaj/ USA TODAY Sports

Imagine seeing Brady and that dude high-fiving and smiling on the sidelines? Patriots going 16-0 with ease.

Kingsbury is currently at USC and has been blocked by the school from interviewing for NFL positions, but it should be noted that Kingsbury can pay a very low buyout and become a “Free agent”. It may be a gamble, but it’s both the move that Kingsbury and the Patriots should make.

Also, Kingsbury is responsible for the birth of Patrick Mahomes, so keep that in mind.

Go get it done, Bobby. We need him.

Photo: Saturday Down South



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