Patriots Trade for Troubled Receiver Josh Gordon

Patriots fans rejoice! Josh Gordon is a Patriot! Our wide receiver problems are over! No one will be able to stop us ever again! Cue the duck boats!

Ok, maybe that’s a little too much, but I’m excited. The Patriots acquired the big play machine Gordon from the Browns for a 5th round pick, with the chance to get a 7th rounder back if he doesn’t play 10 games. That, as far as I’m concerned, is a steal, especially since the Patriots will be getting at least one 3rd round compensation pick.

Sure, Gordon hasn’t been able to stay on the field because of his laundry list of off-field issues. By laundry list, I obviously mean his inability to stop committing the heinous act of smoking marijuana. It’s obviously concerning that he couldn’t get his act together enough for the Browns, but then again, he was playing for the Browns.

Now, what should we expect from Gordon on the Patriots? Honestly, not too much. Veteran receivers typically have a very hard time assimilating to the Patriots system. They have to learn the playbook and earn Brady’s trust. Not an easy task. If I had to guess, I would say that they will start him off by just playing a few snaps a game. Let him run a few different routes, goes, posts, slants, and see if he can hit a few big plays. Beyond that, I can’t imagine he has much impact.

File this trade in the “Why Not” category. Pats have almost nothing to as they are giving up very little for him, and he has the talent to be a big play weapon for them. At the very least, opposing defenses have to respect him, since he can win almost any contested ball, which means more than one guy will probably have to cover him. That obviously opens up the other receivers to get open because of the attention paid to Gordon. Pats fans should be excited, and why not, Brady has a shiny new toy and we’re all excited to see what he will do with it.

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