Pats Trade Second Round Pick for Mohamed Sanu

Holy smokes. It’s happening!

This Patriots team is already the best in the league by quite a bit. Sure, they’re beating up on “bad” teams for the most part, but this is the NFL. You don’t fall into 7-0 in the NFL by accident. Brady and co. have been playing pretty well despite being drastically beat up.

With N’Keal Harry still out, Josh Gordon having nagging injuries, and the team in general needing help, this is a HUGE boost for an offense that’s already humming (for the most part). At least, it should provide some help to them.

Sanu is a pretty valuable asset as a WR. He runs great routes and has strength to move forward and get yards after the catch, and he should provide a nice compliment to an otherwise sort of depleted receiving core. In 110 career games, Sanu has 377 receptions for 4300 yards and 25 touchdowns. That’s a level of production that will be very helpful for Brady, and it offers him another solid target on second and third down and medium distance to go. He’s also a great compliment to Josh Gordon—they’re essentially the same size at 6’3” 225lbs (Gordon) and 6’2” 210lbs (Sanu). A big target with solid hands.

Now sure, they’re still very beat up on the offensive line, and I know that’s potentially going to be a huge need later in the season and heading into the postseason, but trust in Belichick. He knows what he’s doing. And we’ve seen this offensive line in the past step up despite injury. Honestly, this year they’ve played pretty well. They’ve given up 10 sacks in 7 games, but they’re managing to do their job well enough. We’ll see if Bill makes another move or not there.

Anyway you spin it though, this is a big get for the Pats. He’s no Antonio Brown, but giving Brady another weapon to throw to is never going to be a bad idea. We’ll see how long it takes for him to get settled, but I think it shouldn’t take too long.

It’s certainly a nice change of scenery for Sanu, who along with Julio has been wasting away in Atlanta this year.



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