People are Annoyed President Bush Died Before Marvel Could Drop Its Avengers 4 Trailer

As I scrolled through Twitter on Wednesday, I was moved by the videos from Washington. The love and respect shown to George H.W. Bush at his funeral today was a beautiful example of a country coming together to respect and learn more about a genuinely special man. My heart couldn’t help but make its way into my throat when I saw his son, George W. Bush, begin to choke up during the eulogy.

BUT THEN all I had to do was refresh the old newsfeed to see a new set of tweets. People were annoyed that Marvel was waiting to drop the first trailer for Avengers 4 until Friday, so that the passed president could have his day. There were actually adults complaining that they have to wait two more days for 90 seconds of video about a movie that won’t be in theaters for months! Don’t believe me? Just search “Avengers 4 trailer” on Twitter and read the tweets of fans angry that “a 94 year old man died so now they have to wait.”

Someone actually tweeted that and then people liked it.

How can so many people be selfish to the point that they can’t respect the passing of the 41st leader of the Free World? News flash kids, you’re not as important as you think you are. It disgusts me that we’ve reached a point where we’re so self absorbed as a people that we are more concerned with getting a 90-second dopamine rush right now God damnit, than we are with honoring an incredible man and leader.

IN fact, here’s a thought, try not to be so fucking pathetic next time you have a chance to appreciate a man who gave his life to serving his country. President George H.W. Bush served in WWII as a pilot at 19 and then devoted much of his life after the war to serving his country in Washington. Seriously, check out this guy’s Wikipedia page sometime after you’re done jerking off to Iron Man beating up aliens.

Shit like this is why people hate our generation. Bush 41 was nothing but a quick page in our history books so his life and accomplishments are just not as important as a comic book movie. WRONG! Have some respect for the people that came before you and listen to the stories about a man who should be a real hero to you.

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