Pete Alonso Being Rejected by MLB After Asking if the Mets Could Wear Hats to Pay Tribute to 9/11 First Responders Might be One of the Worst Looks for a Sports League Ever

You could make an argument that each of the four major North American sports leagues are the most out of touch groups on the planet. Whether it was the NFL’s ban of endzone celebrations during the 2000’s and 2010’s, the NBA banning Lebron from wearing the carbon fiber mask (AKA The Best Lebron), or the NHL still having Gary Bettman as the commissioner of the league somehow, every league is guilty of doing some very dumb things. 

This may be the worst of all. 

Yesterday was September 11th. It was a time for remembrance and salutes to the heroes of 9/11. Unlike previous years where MLB trots out a special 9/11 jersey, this year was quite tame. 

Mets first baseman Pete Alonso wanted to change that. Alonso wanted to pay tribute to the first responders who risked their lives on September 11th with hats representing them, a la the 2001 Mets in their first home game after the attacks. 

Somehow, MLB apparently couldn’t get down with showing love to actual heroes and said that Alonso and the Mets couldn’t wear the hats. Alonso, being the badass that he is, flipped the bird to MLB and Rob Manfred and went out and bought everyone on the Mets custom USA cleats, with American Flags, the Twin Towers, and messages of freedom and thanks to those who risked their lives on that day. 

You can look at this story one of two ways. One way to go about this is acknowledging that Pete Alonso is just simply the best and if you think otherwise, you love Al Quaeda. He’s super well-spoken, his intentions are good, and he wanted to do something for the city of New York to show them that he is one of them. 

The other way to look at this situation is to recognize how fucking clueless MLB is. How is this being overlooked? Have players been looking to do this ever since the first time the Mets did it and MLB has been turning them down every time? Why won’t you just let the Mets wear the hats? Did they reject Alonso’s proposal because they didn’t come up with it themselves? Does MLB hate patriotism? If they do, why do they trot out the players in “sweet new uniforms” every Veteran’s and Memorial Day? Is MLB going to seriously going to fine all the Mets players for wearing “illegal” cleats? 

What the fuck is even going on anymore? MLB sucks, Rob Manfred sucks, and all the owners in the league suck for putting him in charge. It’s an absolute joke that MLB had the sack to shoot down the hats, but if they come out and actually fine the Mets for showing respect to the victims of the worst terrorist attack in this country’s history on their CLEATS, then MLB is canceled. 

This is my warning to you, MLB. Heads will roll if the Mets are fined for this. 

Just be good people for once and realize that this isn’t a bad thing and don’t be so fucking stubborn.


MLB did not fine Pete Alonso or anyone else on the Mets for wearing the custom cleats. Congrats MLB, you did the bare minimum to make yourselves not look like giant gaping assholes.

Photo via SNY


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