Phil Mushnick is Bad for Baseball

Remember at the beginning of the Major League Baseball season, when the “Let the Kids Play” campaign started with the big time commercial featuring Aaron Judge, Ronald Acuña and a plethora of others? Yeah, I do too.

Phil Mushnick, a columnist for the New York Post can’t seem to grasp the fact that baseball is not a sport for the dinosaurs anymore. His last two columns, have been titled; Why it’s hard to take Pete Alonso’s HR record seriously and Braves superstar is doing his part in ruining baseball… What?

Mr. Mushnick with all due respect, you cannot be anymore wrong than you are with these two articles. The scary part is, is that your comments can be proven false with a simple Google search.

His column about Alonso’s rookie home run record is based around the “juiced ball” theory. Alonso’s 53 homers had an average distance of over 400 feet. There is no way that a Alonso’s homers lived and died by Major League Baseball using “juiced balls”.

Now onto the Acuña column, which was worse than the Alonso piece. He is accusing his showboating and lack of hustle which in Mushnick’s eyes is creating a bad look for the league. Fans live for that stuff. The bat flips, the pimp jobs, it’s what makes baseball fun and entertaining this day in age.

Without guys like Alonso and Acuña, baseball would not be as entertaining. The older generation of fans may not like it, like Mushnick. Those star athletes are great for baseball, Phil Mushnick isn’t.



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