Players Who Party: NFL

Many people wonder every Sunday when watching football, “hmm, I wonder if he partied in college.” It’s the question that every NFL fan is dying to know the answer to (not really, but who cares). Check out these five professional football players who lost brain cells from parties in college.

5. Manti Te’o

I know, bold prediction right? Yo, sit back and just let me tell you why I think this. This man was a Heisman contender in college on defense, right? Sick. Now, let’s throw in the simple fact that the dude was so mentally messed up he thought he had a girlfriend that didn’t exist. You know how messed up you have to get in order to reach that point? Like to have that sustained mental damage? That dude must have taken 3 bottles of Bacardi 151 to the face. Okay, joking aside, the next 4 are legit.

4. Josh Gordon

Okay, I know that he wasn’t notorious for his drinking, but this is not a surprise that the stoner that can’t stop smoking weed should be on this list. Obviously, this man didn’t develop his habits once in the league. This dude had to have started before college and had to be one of the sickest people to party with. Can you imagine this man carrying around a giant beer or another kind of bong with him everywhere he goes? It’s okay if you don’t, but that’s how I imagine him. And this man probably had the best party “gear” imaginable.

3. Gronk

Gronk is the man and we all know that. The dude slams brews and breaks news on the daily. The dude is the GOAT at partying. Gronk went to the University of Arizona. Although it isn’t known for the partying that goes on at Arizona State, Arizona is still a pretty big party school. If I had to bet, Gronk’s BAC was higher than his GPA.

2. Sebastian Janikowski

Now, I don’t know if you are completely aware, but Janikowski is notorious for his drug and alcohol abuse. According to his former roommate on “The Pat McAfee Show,” Janikowski was an animal. He would throw parties all the time. They would have to leave the front door open because they had to step over the bodies slumped on the ground passed out from the night before. The roommate had to get a deadbolt lock just to make sure that no one would go into his room when they were out kicking footballs.

1. Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee is the shit. Simple as that. I know this dude has gained a lot of notoriety from his podcasts, but I’ve been following this guy for quite a few years now. He was a kicker at West Virginia University. He partied his ass off and was drafted by the Colts to punt footballs. My man has a cannon of a leg and should go down as a Hall of Famer. I mean the man was arrested for public intoxication during the week in between games. He was 23 years old. If this dude, still kinda learning how to punt, is willing to go out and party during the season, who knows what the guy is willing to do during his time at WVU. The man is a walking legend.


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