Playoff Implications of the Alex Smith Injury

On Sunday, November 18th, Alex Smith suffered a GRUESOME injury. In fact, it was 33 years ago to the day that Joe Theismann’s leg snapped in half.

I’ll save you from the video highlight because you have probably seen it 100 times already and I won’t be able to finish this article if I have to see it anymore.

The Redskins ultimately ended up losing to the Texans on Sunday 23-21 despite a decent performance by backupĀ  QB Colt McCoy. He finished the game 6-12 with 54 yards and a touchdown.

Despite the loss, the Redskins are still in first place in the NFC East because it is arguably the worst division in football.

The Cowboys are 5-5, one game behind the Redskins for first place.

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The Cowboys and Redskins play each other next week and both have relatively easy schedules down the stretch (with the exception of the Cowboys playing the Saints on November 29th).

This division could come down to the wire, with the winner most likely securing the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs. With Alex Smith’s leg snapping in half, you’re looking at the perfect storm for the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliot has been cooking lately. He had 201 all-purpose yards in a win against Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Another layer to this ordeal is whether or not the Redskins bring in a free agent quarterback.

A notable name not on this list: Colin Kaepernick.

Redskins at Cowboys next Sunday will be one of Week 12’s most notable matchups with huge playoff implications.

It looks like Christmas came early for Jerry Jones.

Photo: Associated Press


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