Potential Landing Spots for Teddy Bridgewater

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Yes, it’s still pretty early to be worrying about next season, but I have to watch some of these quarterbacks play this year and it just looks absolutely atrocious. I mean, Nathan Peterman was so bad that local food shops were having deals for him throwing an interception—something you don’t see too often.

Then you’ve got the Jets. Oh man, have they lived up to expectations, getting rid of a Pro Bowl quarterback to try to make a statement with Darnold was just the worst decision you could make, even if Bridgewater hadn’t seen a regular season game in 2 seasons, I bet he would’ve given you at least a record of .500 right now. I know he wouldn’t be leading the league in interceptions, I’ll tell you that much.

Okay, enough of the less fortunate. Time for Teddy’s potential landing spots.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It is time for the Bucs to move on from the cancer they call Jameis Winston. Winston is now in his fourth year in the league and has had many, many chances to prove why he should be the franchise quarterback.

The Bucs already exercised the fifth year option on Winston earlier in the year, but that was before this season even started and from the looks of things now, Winston looks like he’s played his last season in Tampa. Look, Winston has had probably a better 4 years than most people do, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is nowhere near worth the first overall pick in the draft.

Since coming into the league, Winston’s career stats are nothing but disappointing. He is 19-29 in wins and losses, he has never thrown for 5,000 yards in a season, has never been to the playoffs, and has thrown for just 75 touchdowns with 52 interceptions—some things you probably wouldn’t want to see from your “franchise quarterback.”

The Bucs could very well be a pretty good team. They currently lead the league in yards per game, but just can’t seem to finish. Bring in Bridgewater and you’ll see a change from the get-go. Not to mention how well Bridgewater was able to perform with a viable option on the outside. I can only imagine what Bridgewater and Mike Evans would put together in the same offense. Winston has shown he isn’t worth $20 mil a year and I hope the Bucs can realize that because getting out of that contract will set them up very nicely in the near future. I think this is Bridgewater’s best bet.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

With Blake Bortles playing like absolute dog shit, the Jaguars should be very open to bringing in a new quarterback next season.

The Jaguars went from being a contender in the AFC to looking like the gum on the bottom of a shoe. Even the defense has been playing brutal and all that tension in the locker room isn’t helping. Not to put a damper on Jags fans or anything, but if you believe Blake Bortles is your future quarterback then there is seriously something wrong with you. This guy plays like one good season and then he’s all of a sudden the next coming of Christ because he beat the Pats? Yeah, okayyyy.

Bortles has had one good season throughout his whole career, where he went 10-6, but he still didn’t have an impressive year. He threw for only 23 touchdowns which was third most in his career. Last year, Bortles finishes with 315 completions for 3,687 yards and 23 touchdowns while throwing 13 interceptions. This year he already has 8 interceptions to go with 2,341 yards and 12 scores. Don’t let last year fool you, a lot of Bortles’s success came from the defense keeping him in games. Plus Leonard Fournette, who racked up 1,000 yards and almost half the touchdowns Bortles threw for.

The Jags’ season doesn’t look too promising—and I think they all know it—and if they’re going to want to compete, then getting rid of Bortles has to be their first move. The Jags don’t necessarily need to rebuild. Just like the Bucs, they’re in a position where signing Bridgewater will spare a draft pick and help, most likely from the jump. If the Jags do intend to go after Bridgewater, then I think drafting a high-caliber receiver or even trying to trade for a solid WR1 would help exponentially, since that looks like the only other struggle other than the quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys

This one is a tricky one. Jerry Jones seems very content with the way Dak is playing as of right now even though he’s looked sloppy throughout the year.

I do believe Dak is overrated, a good quarterback, but overrated. He was given too much praise after that first season and after going 13-3, there’s only two places to go from there: up or down. In Dak’s case, there was no way he was going to match those numbers again. He just wasn’t.

The Cowboys problems really fall on the coaching staff, if anything. Sloppy play calling and not having the aggression they once did was holding them back. Over the last two games, Dak has shown improvement with Amari Cooper—before Cooper showed up Dak had only thrown for over 200 yards in 3 games, now he has 5 games over 200 yards. (Keep sleeping on Cooper guys. Please, I beg you.)

The Cowboys are most likely not going to go after Bridgewater, but maybe it wouldn’t be bad for Dak to duke it out for the starting job. It might just bring the best out of him.

The New York Giants

Do I really even need to tell you why the Giants need to move on from Eli?

I’m gonna keep this one short. Look, Eli has been absolutely horrendous this year and I don’t even know where to start. He looks lost out there, he’s missing throws, getting the shit kicked out of him, and still finds a way to suck with Odell and Saquon in the same offense.

I’m not saying this team can win the Super bowl right now, but if you take out Eli for even a quarterback like Alex Smith then this team would be at least .500. The Giants know, Eli knows, and the whole fucking Manning family knows that Eli is done in New York. Although the Giants won’t go after Bridgewater, I think they could still get away with drafting Herbert, or even Grier.

The New England Patriots

Unlike all these other teams, the Patriots are something we around here like to call pretty good—just ask the Chiefs.

This is more of the fact that Brady is now 41 years old and not really sure when he’s going to stop. I’m not too sure this kid Danny Etling is the guy we want to replace Brady either, but the Pats are always one step ahead, so who knows. The way I look at it, Brady could play for another 3 years as long as he stays healthy, but that’s the thing. You can’t go after Bridgewater and expect him to be a backup like this year, especially when he’s already proven he can be a starting quarterback. That may be a decision where he feels like he doesn’t need to wait for Brady to be done in order for a job at the starting position. He’s going to want to pick up right where he left off. At this point it’s really tough to choose who is going to replace Brady, but I think all Pats fans don’t have much to worry about. #InBillWeTrust


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