Punishment for Addison Russell Handed Down

A suspension has been handed to from MLB in Cub’s shortstop Addison Russell’s domestic violence case.

Per Ken Rosenthal, Major League Baseball has suspended Russell for 40 games, retroactive to September 21st, when Russell was first placed on Administrative Leave by the league.

In the history of MLB’s domestic violence discipline, it’s a relative slap on the wrist. It’s nowhere near as long as Jose Torres’ 100 game suspension, Hector Olivera’s 82 game suspension, or Roberto Osuna’s highly publicized 75 game suspension.

Now, maybe it’s such a light punishment because Russell wasn’t formally charged with the crime, and Russell’s ex-wife Melissa Reidy didn’t pursue pressing charges, like in the Jose Reyes and Roberto Osuna cases.

Like I said in my original article when the news of this first broke, I think Russell is a piece of shit and likely should’ve been suspended for a longer period of time, but the league determined that it wasn’t as severe a case as the previous players i mentioned.

Commissioner Rob Manfred released an official statement saying:

“My Office has completed its investigation into the allegations that Addison Russell violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy. Having reviewed all of the available evidence, I have concluded that Mr.Russell violated the policy and should be subject to discipline in the form of an unpaid suspension that will cover 40 games.”   

It should be noted that Russell’s suspension is unpaid and he won’t be eligible to return to the team until late April of 2019.



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