Quick Takeaways From Patriots vs. Colts

The Patriots got another win on Thursday Night Football against the Colts. It was a great performance, but there were definitely some areas that could be cleaned up. Here are my quick takeaways from the game:

– The Patriots put up 38 points again, but Tom Brady was not at his best tonight. He missed quite a few throws tonight. Not only did he have guys open that he missed, but he also missed quite a few throws.

– 2 turnovers deep in your offensive end isn’t going to help you win games. Have to clean that up. 2 bad plays by usually reliable guys. The Hogan one was just a simple drop, and the Gronk one was just a case of him not being able to hold onto the ball. Both can’t happen, and they can’t continue to turn the ball over and expect to keep winning consistently.

– If you pressure Andrew Luck he’s a completely different player. A bad pick when Clayborn got in his face, but he shredded the Patriots defense in the second half when they couldn’t get pressure on him.

– We finally got to see Josh Gordon make a great play in coverage, and it was glorious. Once he and Brady get on the same page, look out.

– Brady throwing for 500 regular season touchdowns to 71 different receivers. Maybe the most amazing part of that is that after Gronk, Randy Moss has the most TD catches from Brady, with 37. To put that in perspective, Peyton Manning’s 2nd highest is Reggie Wayne with 67, and his 4th highest is Demaryius Thomas, with 36.

– Sony Michel ran well tonight, with some solid, patient running. Not to mention a wicked stiff arm on his touchdown run. He may not be a superstar, but he’s only in his 3rd career game and already you can see some flashes from him.

– Julian Edelman returned from suspension tonight, and had an immediate impact, catching the first pass of the game. His presence was felt all over the field. From the way the defense had to play a lot of zone to try to stop him, to a little bit of extra energy from him. He’s a madman, at one point, diving into the tackle of two players downfield. He finished the game with 7 catches for 57 yards, but it was a great first step. He was on the field for most of the offensive snaps, and he didn’t look slowed down one bit by his injury.

– Jason McCourty played well tonight. Eric Rowe will be back eventually, but I don’t know if his job will be there. McCourty may have taken a hold of it, and I don’t know if he’ll let it go.

– The Colts were very short-handed tonight, and they certainly didn’t play great. If I’m a Colts fan, however, I’m happy to see Andrew Luck look so good. He made some really great throws tonight. His running isn’t back yet, my guess is it’s just some rust right now, but his passing was very good.

– The Patriots look to be back on track, and they’re now 3-2. They now have 10 days to get ready for a huge game against the hottest team in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s early in the season, but this game could have home field implications.

– I have season tickets, but this was my first game of the year, and it was great to be home. Nothing tastes better than victory Cheez-It’s on the way home.

– Hopefully your Friday isn’t too rough, but the good news is it’s almost the weekend, and you’ll get to watch football all day Sunday.

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