Quick Takeaways from Patriots vs Dolphins

The Patriots finally played a consistently good game and crushed the Dolphins today. Here are my quick takeaways from the game:

– After driving all the way down the field with some nice runs and a 3rd down catch by Josh Gordon, the Pats get dominated at the line at 1, then Brady throws into triple coverage to Patterson instead of 1 on 1 coverage to Gordon. Field goals don’t win games.

– The next drive, Brady gets baited into an interception when targeting Dorsett on 3rd down.

– Luckily, the defense stepped up again. In the 1st quarter, the Dolphins had four 3rd downs. The only one they converted was a penalty, and the others were 10 or more, which they didn’t pick up. That’s what the defense needs to do for this team to win.

– Someone needs to explain to me how it’s legal for the Dolphins RG to swing his arm before the snap.

– As Gannon correctly pointed out, White’s pick on Patterson’s TD was legal because it was within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage.

– 3 penalties on the same play?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Only counts as one on the scoresheet though.

– What a play by KVN! Followed up by a great run by White with an excellent downfield block by Josh Gordon, and the Patriots are up 17-0

– Phillip Dorsett looks much better today. The pressure of being the #1 receiver has been lifted, and it’s definitely showing. I write this and then he drops the deep ball from Brady. Thanks a lot.

– A great pick by JC Jackson. Great man coverage and a good job getting his head around and making the interception.

– Tom Brady has never lost at home against the Dolphins. I’ll repeat that: Tom Brady has never lost at home to the Dolphins.

– Gronk left the game with an injured ankle. It’s going to be important for them to get him back and ready for the game Thursday night.

– The defense didn’t just play well, they dominated from start to finish. Outside of a garbage time touchdown, the Dolphins weren’t able to move the football at all. The hot takes of them being slow all week proved to be just that.

– Tom Brady still didn’t look great today. He played much better, but definitely missed some throws. Hopefully getting Edelman back this week will lead to him having his first really solid game.

– Speaking of Brady, I understand he wants to play every snap of every game, but he can’t be in taking shots like the one he did on his 2nd interception. The one plus is that you know Brady won’t be happy with his performance since his last throw was a pick.

– With a quick turnaround coming, playing well was important for this team’s confidence. Beside the fact that they’ll be feeling better, they’ll also be getting Edelman back from suspension. It’s going to be a fun week.

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