Rajon Rondo’s Recent Comments Have Me Heartbroken

Rajon Rondo called the Los Angeles Lakers the best organization he has ever played for.

Did you hear that? That was my heart shattering into billions of pieces.

As if it was not enough for Rondo to team up with LeBron, sign a deal with the Lakers, and do the classic tip-off routine with LeBron that he and KG would do during the “Big 3” era. This was the final straw.

I want to still be a fan of Rondo so badly. He was one of my favorite players growing up primarily because he hated guys like LeBron and Kobe so much. The fact that he has thrown away everything that makes me love him leaves me no other option. He betrayed me so I have to betray him.

Rondo could have just played his season in LA, not said a word, and then before you know it, he is out of there and this whole tainted legacy that Rondo now has in Boston is over. Instead, Rondo has to say this…

Photo: ClutchPoints


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