Looks to Be Another Slow Start for Rask

The Boston Bruins have now lost three straight on their road trip and I must say I am very disappointed.

Not all the blame can be put on the play of the whole team; however, Tuukka Rask has been one of the worst goalies in the league thus far and I would feel more comfortable putting Chara in net at this point before Rask.

Rask is known for making some good saves to keep the Bruins in the game, but then he’ll let in a soft goal a few minutes later. That happened on Wednesday night for Rask. He kept the Bruins going in the first but then he puddled. He let in two absolutely horrific goals within 48 seconds, making the game that much harder for Boston.

This game looked similar to the one in Washington where Rask would flash and make a nice save keeping them in the game, but then he pukes all over himself and lets in some soft goals making the hole too deep to climb out of. Now he hasn’t played that bad (he does have two wins), but his success has come on home ice and against less than average teams.

October is known to be one of Rask’s worst career months with a save percentage of just .900 and a GAA of nearly three. Halak is clearly the better goalie right now and it makes some think, “Why not trade Rask once he gets on his hot streak?” Now, this isn’t a bad thought since they do need a veteran winger, but I don’t think anybody wants to touch the head case that is Tuukka Rask. So it looks like the B’s are stuck with him, but if Halak can keep his play up and let Rask find his game, then the goaltending should pan out.

Rask is making $7 million and is probably the Bruins worst contract along with David Backes, but Rask has proven that he can play that way later in the year. Will he find that this year or will Halak be thrown into the #1 goaltending role? There are still a lot of questions that hopefully will be answered by the end of October. If not, it’s going to be a long year with Rask.

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