The Boston Red Sox have won the 2018 World Series


GUYS. We can breathe. They did it.

After having the best record in spring training. After having the best record in baseball; the best record in franchise history. After winning series 3-1, 4-1, and 4-1 in the postseason, including 7-1 on the road.

The Boston Red Sox have won their fourth World Series since 2004.

Go celebrate like Joe. LFG, Prez. LFG.

I don’t want to say that it was a forgone conclusion, but let’s be honest here. It was. After they went up 2-0 against the Dodgers we were all saying “Sox in 5,” just out of respect. We wanted to say 4. Didn’t matter, it feels all the same. We knew it.

We all knew it. From August, pulling away from the Yankees. From the time that Aaron Judge played “New York, New York,” at Fenway. From the time Alex Bregman tried to call out the Sox on social media. From the moment the Dodgers tweeted “Damage Done” after the 18-inning Game 3. From the moment Chris Sale screamed at the team in the dugout while Rich Hill was dealing.

It always felt like this year was the year. This team was stacked, and added a Hank Aaron award winning slugger in ¡Julio Daniel Martinez!, Mookie Betts became a far-and-away MVP caliber player, and the Sox just kept showing up when they needed to. This team never let up when they were down, they always punched back after getting hit in the mouth, and the whole team, 1 to 9, showed up at the plate.

There were so many moments in this postseason. Too many to doubt this team. From pummeling the Yankees 16-1 on the road and taking “New York, New York” as their own, to dismantling the defending champs, also on the road, including making Justin Verlander look like an average pitcher.

Not to mention the incredible performances and storylines from so many guys who either proved doubters wrong or put their names in the history books:

  • BROCK HOLT hitting for the cycles against the Yankees, on the road.
  • JBJ going from fans calling for his trade to being the ALCS MVP and crushing balls to the moon with guys on base.
  • The outfield just playing RIDICULOUS defense all series.
  • Eduardo Nuñèz going from essentially a liability in the field to hitting a huge pinch-hit shot at Fenway early in the series. Oh, and Mitchy Two Bags did the same.
  • Benny going like 87-for-87 at Fenway, hitting essentially .500 for the series.
  • Mookie Betts and JD Martinez getting beat up for going a collective 0-and-A BILLION until they needed late insurance in the clincher and both of them homer.
  • Rafael Devers hitting so clutch with guys in scoring position and two outs. Oh, and he turned 22 during the World Series.
  • Steve Pearce. Do I really need to saying anything else?
  • The bullpen. I applaud them.
  • Nathan Eovaldi threw 6 innings and 97 pitches in RELIEF and it was legendary.
  • DAVID PRICE OFFICIALLY IS GOOD. Going from 0-10 in the postseason to shutting down the defending champs and then going EIGHT INNINGS in a World Series clincher to win the title.

And that’s only half of them. Legitimately. There wasn’t a single guy on this team that didn’t have at least one moment. What a run. First year manager Alex Cora put his balls on the proverbial table and willed this team to execute and they went out there and did it. They barely made mistakes. They took advantage of their opponents’. They did damage.

This team was a full blown wagon. I know the 18-innings took a ton out of everyone in Game 3, but the team showed up. The fact that Eovaldi told Cora he wanted to pitch Game 4 anyway after that was astounding. The whole starting rotation asked for the ball. All of them. Every guy on this team wanted to perform and lay their shit on the table. And I LOVED IT.

Oh, and fun fact: Essentially half of their runs were scored with 2 outs. Everyone stepped up when it was needed the most.

Despite the obvious stress and anxiety that comes with watching your team in a huge spot, I have never truly felt more confident in a team before. From the get go, this felt like the team. Like a wagon. Like an unstoppable force. This has been one to remember. I can’t wait for the DVD.

The damage has been done. WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!!

Here’s a little pornography for you:

And once more ’cause it’s on Machado:


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