Redskins With The Most to Lose This Season 

I know what you’re all thinking. Kirk Cousins, Kirk Cousins, Kirk Cousins. The fact of the matter is, unless Cousins has a career changing injury or decides to become his former teammate Robert Griffin III and start stinking instead of playing quarterback, then Cousins will make top dollar in the future whether it be with the Redskins or not. Bashaud Breeland is also on a contract year and in my humble opinion is the Redskin with the most to gain or lose this coming season and beyond. This time two seasons ago, Breeland was looking like a potential number one corner. Which means he would be due top corner money. However, after the sudden and rather surprising addition of Josh Norman, Breeland’s play and mindset were off for most of last season. He looked a shell of himself, and some reports out of Redskins Park say Breeland was offended by the acquisition of Norman. Regardless of all the drama, what matters is play on the field. Breeland wasn’t nearly good enough last season to be considered a number one corner. If he is indeed offended by being demoted to the number two corner spot on the roster, then why not let that fuel him into becoming the best number two corner in the league. You would think his stats would presumably go up. But that’s up to Breeland. Hopefully he gets his head together, because the talent is undoubtedly there.

Will Compton played mostly all of last season at middle linebacker in the 3-4 scheme after impressing during our run at the NFC East division title in 2015-16. With the free agent signing of Zach Brown this summer, Compton is facing something he hasn’t been accustomed to in DC at linebacker… competition. Brown was a stud for the Buffalo Bills last season and presumably will be locked in at starter for the Redskins this coming season. Last season, Compton seemed to be a tad off the pace of play. Now, it must be said that the Redskins defense as a whole was quite abysmal last season. I for one, found myself constantly cursing at my tv because my team’s defense couldn’t get off the field on 3rd and 8, 3rd and 10, 3rd and 15, and even 3rd and 18. Yes, it was THAT bad! Compton played through injury last season and ALWAYS gives 100% when playing. I love his attitude, but I don’t know if he’s starting material in the NFL. This doesn’t mean, you aren’t a good player if you don’t start in the NFL. I believe Compton could be a fantastic special team player and situational linebacker. Does Compton have what it takes to consistently play alongside Brown this season? Only time will tell.


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