Remembering 2014 and The Worst Contract in NFL History

Do you remember where you were on January 2nd, 2014?

You should. Why?

Because it was the day that the dumbest contract in NFL history was signed.

Yes, Jay Cutler became a meme by the end of his NFL career, but back in 2013, people thought he was a pretty solid QB.

After the 2013 season, where Cutler’s Bears missed the postseason by 1 game, the team was eager to get over the hump in the next coming season with Cutler as the man under center. The only issue was, he was a free agent, and along with Matt Schaub and Mike Vick, Cutler was one of the best available QB’s on the market. Man, 2013 was a weird time wasn’t it.

Anyways, then Bears head coach Marc Trestman wanted his man, and he got his man, to the tune of a 7 year, $126 million contract with $54 million guaranteed.


But seriously, Cutler was coming off of an injury shortened season and had just thrown 12 interceptions in 11 games but the Bears thought it was a terrific idea to give that man $54 million GUARANTEED.

Everyone knows what happened after the deal was signed. Cutler, the very next year, threw for 3,812 passing yards with 28 Td’s, but also led league in interceptions with 18 and the Bears finished 5-11, good enough for dead last in the NFC North. The next season; 3.659 passing yards, 21 Td’s to 11 INT’s and another last place finish. The year after that Cutler only played in 5 games, went 1-4 and threw 5 INT’s in 5 games. Then he was cut.

Wow. Jay Cutler earned $54 million dollars to go 12-23 and never sniff the playoffs.

I really don’t know how this isn’t the poster child for bad NFL contracts. Sure the Redskins giving Albert Haynesworth $100 million over 7 years with $41 million being guaranteed was bad, but Cutler’s contract, at the time was third most expensive in NFL history. The Bears paid $54 million for precisely nothing. It’s mind boggling.

Tell your kids about Jay Cutler, because he’s a man worth talking. Tell them about how an awful QB swindled an NFL team out of $54 million dollars.

Smoke em if ya got em.  

Photo by NFL Memes


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