REPORT: Luis Severino Arrived At Yankee Stadium Extra Early Tonight For Game 5

Monday night was a debacle for the New York Yankees. There’s no other way to put it. At the end of the night, the Bronx Bombers had lost 16-1 and were completely demoralized. For four long hours, “The House That Ruth Built” felt more like the Red Sox’ vacation home. At the center of the agonizing defeat was the Yankees’ starting pitcher, Luis Severino.

Severino, who is known for his lethal arsenal of pitches, just wasn’t himself on the mound. His velocity was there, but his command wasn’t. The result? Three innings pitched while allowing six earned runs on seven hits and two walks. It was not a quality start. After the fact, the reason for his poor performance surfaced: he began to warm up just eight minutes before the start of the game.

This was an unfortunate occurrence for Severino and the Yankees. You can chalk it up to poor management, miscommunication, or complacency, but the fact of the matter is that it happened, and he paid the price. Luckily though, Severino learned his lesson and vowed to never make that mistake again. Today, he showed up at Yankee Stadium extremely early for game 5.

When I approached Severino, he had just finished playing long-toss. He was, of course, exhausted, because he didn’t have a throwing partner. He had just been throwing the ball as far as he could and jogging to go pick it up. I let him catch his breath and wipe himself down with a towel before asking him what happened.

“I made a mistake on Monday,” Severino said, “but it won’t happen again. I got here at 3 o’clock today, to make sure I get my warm-ups in before the game starts.” The right-hander seemed hell-bent on making things up to his teammates, as he felt bad for the mishap.

“You know what? I like showing up this early. The parking lot was empty, there are no crazy fans to bother me, and I even beat my teammates here today” he said, as he looked around the empty stadium. “I — I should probably call Gary to see if he’s okay. He’s usually here by now.”

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Gary Sanchez would, of course, never show up on account of the series ending last night. Typically, when a team goes down 3-1 in a best-of-five series, they’re eliminated from playoff contention. But, because I felt a little bad for Severino and didn’t want to disappoint him, I let him continue warming up in peace. He’ll be ready to go for Opening Day next season.

Photo: NESN


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