Reports of The Patriots Demise Were Extremely Premature

Looks like the Patriots aren’t dead after all. Lots of people wanted to declare them dead after the last 2 weeks, and they reminded everyone why they’ve been the best team for the last 18 years.

Anyone that counted them out before the game just looks stupid right now. As expected, the Patriots came out ready to play and dominated the Dolphins in all facets of the game today. All of a sudden, there wasn’t a speed problem on defense, and the offense was getting people open and making plays in the open field.

Just when everyone thought the Patriots sucked and Brady had fallen off the cliff, they come out and dominate whatever poor team gets in their way. The Dolphins, who came in 3-0, was never able to get anything going on offense and were helpless to stop the Patriots on defense. Next up is Indy on Thursday night, who the Patriots are still punishing for Deflategate. Oh, and Julian Edelman is coming back too. Expect another solid performance.

Today was a good reminder that every time you doubt Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, you will be proven wrong. Keep questioning their talent, and we’ll see you February.

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Photo credit: Matt Stone


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