Richie Incognito is Retiring from the NFL Says, “the Stress is Killing Me”

I would say in very surprising news, I saw on Twitter today that Richie Incognito is retiring from the NFL and according to him, it has absolutely nothing to do with his pay cut with the Bills, although he toldBills /NFL writer Vic Carucci, “It pisses me the f*%$ off.”

The real reason, or apparent real reason, is that in a recent visit to the doctors office, Richie said he was told that his “liver and kidneys are shutting down” and that the “stress is killing me.” He told Vic Carucci that his decision is just about doing what’s right for him. There’s a lot of talk on the health risks with brain injuries in football but not many (including me) would think that football could actually take this kind of toll in other areas of your body.

Richie Incognito also sent out this tweet saying that he is done:

Richie won’t be totally stepping away from sports though as he told Vic Carucci that he wants to play golf. Based on his electric twitter account, I could also see him getting into the podcast game or some type of radio/TV gig in the future but for now, he’s hitting the course.

Picture: Richie Incognito


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