Rick Porcello is a Maniac

Rick Porcello takes the mound for game 4 of the ALCS tonight with the Red Sox leading the Houston Astros 2-1. The Astros are shaking in their boots right now after a comment by Porcello to Sports Illustrated.

What sort of insane person says this before pitching his biggest game of the year? A confident one, that’s who.

Porcello was originally supposed to start game 3, but after making a relief appearance in game 2, he was bumped for Nathan Eovaldi, who has been stellar for the Sox this postseason.

Porcello is clearly ready to throw for this team until his arm literally falls off, so expect him to be on his “A-Game” tonight against the Astros. Ricky wants that ring badly, and he’s ready to fight for it.

Also, shoutout to the MLB’s social media person for a stellar tweet. The Red Sox will have some serious “Big Rick energy” tonight.

Photo: AP Photo/Michael Dwyer


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