Rowdy Tellez SUPPOSEDLY Hit a 505 Foot Home Run… Or Did He?

Listen, a lot of home runs’ distance get guestimated pretty hard.

There are examples throughout Major League history. Whether it’s Manny Ramirez’ 501-foot blast at Fenway which clearly would’ve landed on the mass pike, or Trevor Story’s 505-foot bomb at Coors Field last year which seems a little generous, it seems like numbers are always getting pumped up pretty regularly.

Last night, Toronto Blue Jays’ first baseman Rowdy Tellez (all-time name) hit an absolute moonshot at Fenway Park. Don’t get me wrong, the dude croaked this ball well over 450 feet to right field, and it was all well and good.

But, what really caught my attention is when the official distance came out for how long the home run was.

505 feet. By all means, the longest home run ever hit at the 117-year-old ballpark. And media outlets picked up that 505-foot figure and ran with it.

But not I. You see, naturally being skeptical about everything and anything, that figure immediately came off as fishy to me, so I started digging.

The longest home run I’ve *personally* ever seen at Fenway was Josh Hamilton’s mammoth 467-foot missile back in 2012.

Now, both balls were hit roughly the same distance, as far as deep goes, and Hamilton hit his further towards right center. Yet, Tellez manages to pick up an extra 40 feet somehow?

It didn’t seem right to me. BUT THEN… The Zapruder film of Rowdy Tellez’ home run.

The ball went down and to the right. Down, and to the right,

From this angle, there appears to be a ricochet off the facade of the Sam Adams deck in right field, which would undoubtedly be a 500 plus foot blast. But things still seemed off. How could no-one have noticed that on the original shot? So I decided to dig even deeper. Luckily for my pursuit of truth, the gentleman over at Sportsnet 1 had a terrific camera angle setup that captured the ball’s flight perfectly.


In this picture, you can see that the ball, the small white dot below the retired number 14, is coming down on a normal plane going forward, NOT coming back towards the field like the clip from our good friend Giannas AuntiegotaMACHADO would have you believe.

So, what my super detective brain has concluded is that Tellez’ home run traveled the same distance, if not shorter, than Hamilton’s 467 foot home run in 2012, and should be shown as such in the record books. The Red Seat lives forever. Ted Williams is still showing up young guns 70 years after the fact.

Shame on the Bleacher Report for, once again, spreading lies and mistruths.

Detective Owen signing off.

Photo via Getty Images


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