Sad Day in the NFL

Tonight on August 24th 2019, sad news broke out in the NFL. Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL after 7 seasons inland only active for 6 seasons. Andrew luck has been battling injury after injury over the entire course of his career. Andrew luck was one of the hardest competitors the NFL is ever seen, and when a competitor is told every season that his time competing will be shortened, you start to lose hope. It’s a very sad day to see such a young, athletic player have his career cut short due to injury.

Andrew Luck was the #1 overall pick in the 2012 draft and was going to be the savior for the Colts franchise. After Peyton Manning left, the Colts were one of, if not the worst team in the league. Andrew Luck stepped in and made them competitors again. Andrew threw for 23671in his young career and 171 touchdown passes. Luck was a monster when he was in full health and it was not a question he was one of the better quarterbacks in the league. Since his time at Stanford, Luck was always seen as the hardest working player on and off the field and never skipped a beat when it came too challenges. Luck could have been a Hall of Famer if he stayed heathy and continued his rain in Indy. We all remember the comeback against the Chiefs and we all remember he was the rookie of the year his freshman year in the league.

Andrew Luck was the talk of football at one time and was always the talk of hard work. It’s a very sad day when injury takes the fight away from a player. Being injured every season and having to watch your team fall game after game can only crush your spirit so much until it’s time to step away. It is with a heavy heart I write this article. To me, this feeling is the same feeling I had when Prince Fielder was forced to retire due to injury. A young talented player, driven away from the sport they were born to player.

Andrew Luck will truly be missed in the league, and we only hope he gets to full health so he can enjoy his life outside of football.

Photo: The Big Lead


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