Seattle gets 32nd NHL Team

The city of Seattle will officially become the home of the 32nd NHL franchise for the 2021-2022 season.

Seattle has gotten a lot of support to get NHL and NBA teams and now they have their hockey franchise. Seattle actually had an NHL team before and they won the Stanley Cup in 1917. Their name was the Metropolitans, but I doubt that they will be returning to that name.

Anyone else for releasing the Kraken? Seattle also had a team in the old WHL called the Totems, which would explain why the name is the favorite on this list.

Anyway, the new team doesn’t have a name, uniform, or arena yet, but those are all in the works. It’s rumored that they will go with a red, black, and white scheme, but I’m hoping that they’ll have a Seahawks-esque blue and green color concept. Don’t count out the Sonics colors of green and yellow, but I doubt.

Image result for seattle totems

Add a little blue to that and I’m in for the Seattle Totems.

After this new franchise gets settled in Seattle, the NHL and it’s owners would be smart to start moving teams out of undesirable locations. Carolina, Arizona, and Florida are all teams that don’t have good followings and draw poorly at home. Move a team back to Quebec and bring back the Nordiques to start and the others will file in after that.

Photo: The Wrap


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