Severino Returns Tuesday

As if the Yankees need any more help, they get their ace back on Tuesday. Luis Severino will make his season debut this coming tomorrow against the Angels. Aaron Boone spoke with reporters and said, “I feel like he’s been in a pretty good place physically now for a couple of months and building really good momentum. I feel like his progression has gone really smooth.” Boone believes Severino could be a “game-changer” with his return. With the Yankees only 3 games away from clinching the AL East, they are now planning for the postseason. And with Severino returning, the Yankees could be even closer to becoming the favorite to win a World Series title.

Luis Severino was on pace to be the Cy Young winner last season and has not yet pitched this year. Severino will hopefully join the team and help boost a Yankee rotation that has left some fans nervous.

Heres what things look like:

  • Sept. 17-19: vs. Los Angeles Angels (3 games)
  • Sept. 20-22: vs. Toronto Blue Jays (3 games)
  • Sept. 24-25: at Tampa Bay Rays (2 games)
  • Sept. 27-29: at Texas Rangers (3 games)

Photo: NY Daily News


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