Shattenkirk Not Working Out on Broadway

When the New York Rangers signed defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to a big UFA deal back in July of 2017, every Ranger fan was excited.

Fans thought that they were getting one of the best defensemen in the game along with someone who would be a key cog on the team’s power play. In fact, many thought that they were getting a different version of Hall of Famer Brian Leetch.

Boy, were they wrong. In my opinion, Shattenkirk is not worth the amount of money the team is paying him and instead, has been a bust.

To make matters worse, the team reported today that he is going to miss two to four weeks with a separated shoulder that he suffered on December 10 against the Lightning. Talk about bad luck for all parties involved. For someone who is still trying to prove that he was worth signing back in the summer of 2017 and for a team that is trying to do everything they can to allow him to succeed, this is awful timing.

Simply put, it has not worked out for Shattenkirk with the Rangers. Defensively, he has been a liability.

He coughs up pucks, he gets caught out of position, does not do a good job of protecting his goaltender (s) and since joining the Rangers, he is a -16. Clearly, when he is on the ice, the puck seems to find the back of his team’s net.

Offensively, Shattenkirk has not been as good as advertised. In 75 games with the Blueshirts, he has just 31 points, which considering he usually puts up around 40 points a season, is not great.

This is also a player that has been scratched by head coach David Quinn. For someone who is making $26.6 million in his deal with the team, that’s an awful lot of cash to have as a healthy scratch.

Lastly, Shattenkirk has now been injured a few times with the club. Not only is he expected to miss the next two to four weeks, but he only played in 46 games last season.

For the Rangers, this has been a bad deal all around. At $6.65 million a season, Shattenkirk has been unbelievably disappointing.

In Shattenkirk, the team signed a guy who has been a hurt a few times, has not been good defensively, has not produced offensively, and has generally been ineffective. Again, the team appears to have wasted a ton of money on him.

While both the Rangers and Shattenkirk did not think it would go this way, it is time to deal with the reality that this was a bad signing and try and figure out a way to either make him better or maybe even deal him.

Whatever ends up happening, Shattenkirk needs to be much better on the ice when he returns from injury because if he’s not, he will put both himself and the team in a tough position.



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