Shitbag Volodymyr Zhukovskyy Was Discovered To Be On Drugs At The Time He Killed 7 Motorcyclists

In a stunning turn of events, the crackhead truck driver who killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire was on drugs at the time of the accident (reported by the Boston Globe).

A report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that shitbag Volodymyr Zhukovskyy tested positive for an unspecified drug when his pickup truck crossed the yellow line while driving on Route 2 in New Hampshire.

The second biggest tragedy outside of the loss of life here is that Massachusetts awarded this scumbag a commercial license even after his multiple issues behind the wheel, including DUI convictions, failed sobriety tests, and a flipped truck in another state. For some reason, Massachusetts won’t give you a license plate that has a word that resembles an alcoholic beverage, but they will give a license to operate large commercial vehicles to people who have been convicted of being trashed while driving. On top of the state, however, the employer can’t go free in the public eye. From what I’ve heard, they shut down already, but they were found to have like 60 something violations that should have left them paying fines, and not this d-bag murderer.

This horrible loss of 7 completely innocent individuals is absurd, and that’s on the hands of the state as much as it is this slimebag who was behind the wheel.

Don’t operate a vehicle under the influence of anything. Don’t be like this scumbag who destroyed lives because he couldn’t keep himself sober while he was at work.



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