Should Zuccarello Be the Next Captain of the Rangers?

With Ryan McDonagh gone, the Rangers are currently without a captain.

I would assume that with a new head coach manning the bench in David Quinn, he is probably not in a rush to name a new leader, which makes sense. With that said, when it does come time to name a captain, I have the perfect guy in mind.

Mats Zuccarello should be the next team captain for the Blueshirts. There are several qualities that make him the perfect fit.

For starters, Zucc has been with the team for a very long time. He’s been with the team for eight years so he knows the organization inside and out, the franchise knows him well, and by now, I’m sure he’s earned their trust.

Secondly, he’s been through it all with the team. He’s been in the playoffs every year, except last season, he’s been to the Conference Finals and a Cup Final, has played under two different head coaches, and has seen some of his best friends on the team come and go.

In that regard, he is the perfect teammate to talk to with. He can tell guys what to do in certain situations and also tell them what it was like to play in many big games over the last eight seasons.

Zucc is also heavily involved in the community, which makes him a good dude. He’s involved with Right to Play and he also created the Zuccarello foundation. He can show guys that while the on-ice stuff is obviously important, it is just as important to be a good dude off the ice.

Lastly, he has been one of the team’s most consistent players on the ice. He usually puts up between 50 and 60 points each year, plays in all situations, is responsible at both ends of the ice, and is someone who can come through when his team needs it the most.

There will probably be those that think this is a crazy pick. With that said, no one bleeds Ranger blue as much as Zucc does and as such, should be considered one of the top candidates to take on the role.

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