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A 28 win season may not be ideal for Sixers fans, but they do have good reason to be excited for the future. In all honesty being a Celtics fan, this team scares me. Seriously the third pick in the draft? They are STACKED with young talent and if you are a Sixers fan get ready for a bright future. It’s been a long time since this fan base has had something to smile about besides their luck in the draft , and it’s coming faster than everyone thinks.

Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric, Jahlil Okafor and the third pick in next years draft is loads of talent for a team thirsty for a playoff run. The best part about the situation the Sixers are in right now is that they have the platform to make some big trades and even attract free agents in the off season. It is obvious to most that the Sixers motto of “Trusting the Process” has pretty much excluded talented big man Jahlil Okafor from any big picture plans with the team. That being said don’t be surprised if you see the Sixers looking to move Okafor during this off season. Despite the 28 win season the Sixers had this past year there were many bright spots in the losing season.

Dario Saric, the rookie forward from Croatia was a huge help to the team this year averaging 12.8 points per game  as well as 6.3 rebounds.  A very strong rookie campaign from Saric is exactly what this organization needed to see this year. Dario was able to prove himself when big man Joel Embiid was sidelined due to a meniscus tear in his left knee. Getting Embiid back will only make the the Sixers that much more dynamic on both ends of the floor. Embiid has the build of a future star in this league, I mean the guy is a FREAK physically and has the ability to block shots and have a strong inside presence for a team that desperately needs it. We can’t forget about maybe my favorite person in the NBA T.J. McConnell , the dude is literally the goat. Lebron James? Nah, I’d take my boy T.J. any day, I mean we all know he’d take the last second shot unlike Lebron. T.J. has more of a clutch gene than Lebron, and if you ask me T.J. should be getting a max deal. Alright, alright you all know I had to trash on Lebron but in all seriousness T.J McConnell seriously impressed me this year. I’m not saying hes a franchise point guard but he certainly convinced me that he has the potential to be a very solid player in this league. A second year man who averaged close to seven points per game, and six and a half assists, is nothing to look past. Now, I understand these aren’t huge numbers, but for a team rebuilding , McConnell’s craftiness around the rim certainly helps their cause.

Before I get into talking about what the Sixers need to do with this pick, (which should be obvious to everyone) lets talk about a player that everyone keeps forgetting. Ben Simmons? Ever hear of him? I’ll be honest while I was writing this I almost skipped right over him, but for real this kid has insane potential. Simmons needs to develop a jumper and when he does, he will be SCARY. His play making ability and the way he can push in transition is gonna be very complimentary to the style of the Sixers. This team is young and they are gonna wanna run the vets of the court. Philadelphia, is such a great fit for a player like Simmons. He will be able to blossom into the star we all know he is capable of, and he will have the support of a fan base desperate for some wins.

Finally, what will the Sixers do with the third pick in the draft. Well I hope this is obvious to everyone already, but if it isn’t they NEED to draft De’Aaron Fox. This dude is absolutely electric, and he has the name of a superstar. Fox is probably my favorite guy in the draft. He is so explosive and he can finish over almost anyone. Although he might not look like he can throw down, this man absolutely can. Most people are very skeptical of Fox’s outside shot, but personally, I don’t think the Sixers need to worry about it. This kid can shoot, he just went through a slump in college and every shooter has an off year. I know its bold to not worry about his shot, but fox is an exceptional athlete, and even if he struggles with his shot when he gets to the league there is always time to fix it. Freaking Dwight Howard was in the gym preseason nailing mid rangers and threes. If Dwight Howard can fix his shooting just about anyone can. If that isn’t logic I don’t know what is. Lets not forget Fox was able to impact the game offensively without an outside shot, imagine this kid shooting lights out or even being able to hit a set jumper. Say what you want about the Sixers, but they will dominate this league one day. Mark my words.







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