So… Myles Garrett tried to behead Mason Rudolph with his own helmet last night. Just another day for the Cleveland Browns

So how about last night, huh? 

Instead of being talked about a solid, division win against a hated rival, the Browns are having to answer for one of the craziest brawls the league, hell sports has ever seen. 

With 8 seconds left in the 21-7 game, Myles Garrett took down Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with a late tackle. Rudolph responded by trying to rip off Garrett’s helmet. Garrett responded by ripping of Rudolph’s helmet and trying decapitate him with it.

Punches were thrown, kicks were thrown, a lot of shoving went down in what was a horrible look for the league, the Browns and Steelers, and just football in general. Baker Mayfield said it was inexcusable, Freddie Kitchens said it was embarrassing, Myles Garrett said it was a mistake (probably could’ve said a little bit more there Myles) and, as a Browns fan, it wasn’t great look for a Nationally Televised game. The Dawgpound finally gets a win, in primetime, over the perennial divisional powerhouses in Pittsburgh, but that storyline gets cucked by the Clubbing in Cleveland (That’s what this incident with be referred to, that or “The Fist Fight at FirstEnergy”).

This was such a bad scene that it brought back memories of Juan Marichal losing his mind and clubbing Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro with a bat back in 1965 during a brawl, an act that egregious that it probably could’ve been considered assault in court. While this situation wasnt nearly as bad as that, it will definitely go down in infamy. It’s like the Malice at the Palace, it’s a night that will result in very long suspensions for the main perpetrator and many of the parties who got involved afterward, and will probably go down as a ‘black eye’ moment for the league.

Myles Garrett, while i do love him and think he is an ELITE defender, definitely has a temper. He frequently picks up personal fouls for hitting QB’s late, he’s thrown a punch at Delanie Walker, and now this incident. He’s on the fast track to Ndamukong Suh/ Vontez Burfict levels of reputation. He’ll likely be suspended for the rest of the season and probably will have a HUGE fine coming down the pipeline. 

All in all, Fuck Mason Rudolph, be better Myles Garrett, and Go Browns.

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