So Who Won the Brandin Cooks trade?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news that Brandin Cooks has been traded to the Rams. While scrolling through twitter, I’ve seen many varying reactions to the news and figured it was my turn to voice my opinion about this trade (not that anyone cares) and I’m going to try and do so with all bias aside.

To be honest, the Patriots won this trade and that’s coming from someone who didn’t want them to trade Cooks. Now, I know everyone is already claiming I’m bias but hear me out.

It is true that Brandin Cooks is one of only two receivers to have 1,000+ yards receiving and 7+ touchdown receptions for the past three years, the other one being Antonio Brown. Yet, the truth is, if he were to do that again in his last year on his contract while being so young, he would now be putting himself in a spot to get absolutely PAID and we all know the Patriots aren’t going to do that on a receiver. So, if you’re the Patriots you either keep him one more year and hope he puts up the same amount of production to help Tom Brady get his sixth ring and let him walk for nothing after the season OR you use his potential value now to get you something that will benefit you in the long run and that’s exactly what the Patriots did.

If you remember, the Patriots acquired Brandin Cooks and a fourth rounder for the 32nd overall pick in the draft. While trading the same thing away (Brandin Cooks and a fourth rounder) they now received the 23rd overall pick in the draft, giving them two first round draft picks to start and plan for the future. They could, of course, also use those draft picks in another trade for a stud although that is highly unlikely in my opinion. So Belichick showed his genius side again flipping the exact same trade and getting something better in return.

Looking at this from the Rams perspective, they feel that they got an absolute stud to replace the loss of Sammy Watkins in that receiving corp. Yet, while he is a stud, they seem to forget that Jared Goff was somewhat inconsistent passing the ball despite his good stats and his stud receiver Sammy Watkins could only help him so much with 39 catches and 593 yards while being targeted 70 times. Brandin Cooks has had QBs like Tom Brady and Drew Brees to make him look great so who knows what he’ll do with a QB who isn’t of that caliber. He can only help them so much in this situation and despite looking absolutely stacked on paper, I think they paid a hefty price for Brandin Cooks which helps the Patriots and is why I think the Patriots won this trade.

Picture: Brandin Cooks



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