Space Jam 2 is Finally Happening!

It’s happening. After years of rumors and speculation, it’s finally happening. We are getting a sequel to one of the most classic sports movies of all-time. Ladies and gentlemen, Space Jam 2 is officially in the works.

When looking at that photo, a few things immediately jump out at you. As anticipated, the movie will star the beloved Looney Tune, Bugs Bunny (duh), and NBA superstar, LeBron James. Hate LeBron all you want, but the guy is actually decent at acting. Don’t believe me? Check out “Trainwreck.”

The biggest surprise, however, is the addition of critically acclaimed director Ryan Coogler as a producer. Coogler, who has directed blockbusters such as Creed and Black Panther, will not direct this time around, but his involvement in any capacity will have any movie fan excited.

One can only hope, Pete. One can only hope. By the way, how’s that for a mindfuck? Michael B. Jordan co-starring in the sequel to a movie that starred the OG Michael Jordan? That’s playing with some serious fire.

Now that the movie is officially in the works, there are so many questions to be asked. Will the Monstars return as the antagonists? If so, which players will they steal the talent from this time around? Will one of them be James Harden, because that would actually be really funny to see one of the aliens grow a huge beard. Or how about stoned-looking alien because he stole J.R. Smith’s talent (send that guy to Moron Mountain)?

Another chapter in the Jordan vs. LeBron debate has officially begun, only this time, it will be over who had the better movie. Honestly, who the hell cares? I’m just glad that they’re finally making a new Space Jam movie. Cue the totally awesome theme song!

Photo: Comic Book


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