Status Report on MLB’s Day of Reckoning: Shit has Officially Hit the Fan for the Houston Astros. The Red Sox are Not Far Behind.

Well, there’s the EMPHATIC end to the months-long saga that was Trashcangate. 

Today, on a Monday no less, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that MLB had concluded its investigation of the Houston Astros cheating scandal and the punishment that was handed down was heavy to say the least; manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow both received year-long suspensions, the Astros were stripped of 2 first-round picks and 2 second-round picks, and were fined $5 million dollars. 

That is what we in the business call a NUKE of a tweet. 

This type of punishment is typically reserved for guys who are accused of gambling on games or hitting their significant others, and is unprecedented, to say the least. Seeing this whole thing go down, as a Red Sox fan, was starting to make me a tad bit nervous. Sure, what the Red Sox were accused of doing is bad, but Alex Cora is the man! He’ll slip through this whole thing just fine, right?


Two hours after the suspensions were handed down to Hinch and Luhnow this whole situation got turned completely ass end up when Astros owner Jim Crane fired both AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow. 

As a concerned Red Sox fan, I went from ‘we’re fine’ to ‘oh fuck, we’re at DEFCON fucking 1’ in about two minutes. 

I thought the Red Sox and Alex Cora were going to be able to skirt by MLB’s teeth on this one, just based on the fact that the allegations were considerably less improper than Houston’s, but based off Cora’s history as the Astros’ bench coach in 2017 combined with the allegations from 2018, shit has very much hit the fan. Rumors across the league are that Cora will receive as harsh, if not harsher, punishment than Hinch, which isn’t ideal. When you see what Jim Crane did with Hinch and Luhnow, someone who was cleared in MLB’s investigation, you have to imagine that John Henry and company are going to pull the same song and dance with Cora. 

And just think that this whole shitshow started because of Mike. Goddamn. Fiers.

Oh, and now Logan Morrison is jumping in and is calling out the Yankees and the Dodgers and is calling Rob Manfred a bitch and I just have absolutely NO IDEA what is even happening anymore.

Red Sox fans, we are neck deep in a river of shit and we’ve got our mouths wide open. More stuff is coming down the pipeline, and none of it is going to be good.

Photos via USA Today and Getty Images


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