Tacko Fall Hanging Out at Canobie Lake Park is the Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Tacko Fall has been an NBA player for less than two months, and he is already a living legend. 

Anything he does is must-see stuff. Him grabbing a rebound? Hysterical. Him barely leaving the ground to dunk a ball? Impossible for literally any other human. Him drinking from a water fountain? Looks like some wacky shit from a Tim Burton movie. 

Everything he does is just the funniest thing ever because he is SEVEN FOOT SEVEN FEET TALL. 

Well, the tallest basketball player alive took a trip to Canobie Lake Park today with fellow Celtics rookies Carson Edwards and Grant Williams, as well as kids from the MSPCC (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). It’s a great move by three guys that appear to be great human beings. But nice people doing nice things isn’t why this is a noteworthy story. No no no. What makes this amazing is Tacko Fall trying his damndest to look like a normal person at an amusement park.

Here he is on the Log Flume:

First off, he looks like a cartoon character. Secondly, how the fuck did he fit his legs inside a ride that is meant for people who are 12 years old? The “This tall to ride” sign for the log flume is 3 feet. HE IS TWICE THE SIZE OF THE MINIMUM HEIGHT! HOW DOES HE FIT INTO THAT RIDE?????? 

Here’s Tacko on the Teacup ride:

That is just the silliest thing ever.

I don’t know if Tacko had ever been to an amusement park before coming to the Celtics, but he has now been to two in two months. I think that every week for the next 55 years, a new clip will emerge of Tacko either at Funtown Splashtown USA, Water Country, Canobie Lake, or Six Flags. He appears to be having way too much fun not to be that kind of guy.

Long live Tacko.

Photo: Nicole Yang


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