The Giants Have Won A Football Game

Sunday's victory over the Texans prevented the Giants from a daunting 0-3 start, gave Pat Shurmur his first game ball since taking the helm, and provided Giants fans with some hope. 


Arroyo has arrived!

The San Francisco Giants have decided to call up their #1 prospect in the likes of Christian Arroyo, but the question is, is here here to stay? ¬†Early into the 2017 season, the Giants seem to have a rotating door at the hot corner, as none of the 3 options have really grasped the job... Continue Reading →


Now that it is an odd year in terms of numbers for the San Francisco Giants, there is no way they are winning the World Series in 2017 based on history. The Giants since 2010 have been the team to beat when the year falls on an even number; 2010, 2012, 2014. Their even winning... Continue Reading →

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