Five SUPER serious options to be the next manager for the Boston Red Sox

So since Alex Cora is now a criminal mastermind and a cheater and is no longer employed by the Boston Red Sox, it’s time for the club to look for it’s fifth manager within the last decade. Much has been made about this managerial job hunt, with plenty of outlets throwing around popular names such... Continue Reading →


Status Report on MLB’s Day of Reckoning: Shit has Officially Hit the Fan for the Houston Astros. The Red Sox are Not Far Behind.

Well, there’s the EMPHATIC end to the months-long saga that was Trashcangate.  Today, on a Monday no less, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported that MLB had concluded its investigation of the Houston Astros cheating scandal and the punishment that was handed down was heavy to say the least; manager AJ Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow both... Continue Reading →

Nelson Cruz might need to be randomly drug tested after LAUNCHING this golf ball into outer space

So here’s a little fun fact about yours truly: I love golf. Yes, in addition to being obsessed with baseball and college football and Michael Buble (Only a few more weeks until we’re allowed to listen to his masterpiece in public!!!), I love to watch/play golf. I don’t play baseball anymore, so I have embraced... Continue Reading →

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